Brave Or Invincible and the £1 CD

Brave Or Invincible are an Indie label started by four Uni friends. They produced an album for solo artist Tiny Cinema, which they released as a free download (yep, on Bandcamp) and CD. Then, they decided that they had made a big mistake, and promptly brought the CD price down to £1.

They realised that they should forgo CD releases altogether. It was old, major label thinking that doesn’t make sense for a grassroots label that is just interested in getting music out there.

So you may have seen yesterday that we are now selling the Tiny Cinema album Designs for £1 on CD.

Sometimes when a label does this, it can seem like it’s a ‘fire sale’ or an ‘everything must go’ situation as they desperately chase lost revenue. Not for us. This is about remembering why we started this label in the first place.


The only way people will want to pay you for music these days is if you create something they want to pay for, something different, something cool. This, of course, is why we went out and got “Standard Jewel Case 4pp CDs” made.

Yeah. We fucked up.

The important thing we hope that anyone looking to release music takes away from this is to do things YOUR way. Don’t think just because you are releasing music everything has to be ‘major label standard’, like you would see in your major high street music shops. Fuck those places. They are dying, and if you align yourself with them then you will do.

Physical releases are costly to produce, and each copy that you don’t sell is a direct cost to you. Download releases, on the other hand, incur the same one-off cost of recording (unless you record yourself, of course!) and each download, whether it’s one or ten thousand, costs you no more if you are using a platform like Bandcamp to serve your music. You don’t have capital tied up in a stack of unsold CDs while fans and listeners can gain instant, cheap (or free) access to your music.

The release, called Designs, is a very accomplished creation and well worth a listen. It’s free to download or stream from Bandcamp, and this has certainly done Tiny Cinema no harm.

On every other level we have delievered on our intentions for Tiny Cinema. Close to 200 people have downloaded his music from Bandcamp, he has played to new audiences and we have got him press coverage that gets his name out there, and we will continue to do this for as long as he lets us.

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