Welcome, Audiosmiths

Hello, and welcome to Audiosmith, a blog for independent and unsigned musicians.

Despite what major labels insist, most people make music for the love of it. Making money is secondary or even irrelevant next to the thrill of creation. But musicians also like to be heard. Thanks to the Web, we can now distribute our music far and wide, and without record labels.

This blog aims to explore strategies for getting your music heard, and maybe even making a few pennies from it. Whether you’re writing, gigging, recording or publishing, we want to preach the freedom of doing things on your own, doing it your way, and having a jolly good time in the process.

If I may quote independent musician and blogger, Steve Lawson, from his post, Dear Rock Stars…:

[T]o answer [Pete Waterman’s] question, ‘Who is developing new talent?‘ – the talented people are, you idiot! We don’t need ‘developing’, we can just get on with it, without you, and services like Spotify remove the gatekeepers and friction from people hearing us. It HELPS us. Stop speaking on our behalf.

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